Electro-acoustic guitars

Riento, Alhambra, Vekara

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New Accessory: K&K microphone system (mounted)

A professional K&K microphone system can be installed in all Riento guitars as well as in acoustic guitars as a retrofit.

From 195.00
1-30 vrk

Alhambra Crossover CSs-3 CW E9 Semiacoustic Guitar

Solid wood crossover guitar with steel strings and microphone

1-5 vrk

OUTLET: Cuenca 5 Nature CW EZ

Solid Cedar, mahogany, cut-away, microphone

SALE 525.00 €
You save 15 %
1-5 vrk

Vekara® Guitar

1-14 vk

Vekara® Bass

1-14 vk

Riento Acoustic DR6 Cutaway Fishman - Electro-Acoustic Steel String Guitar (DR6-CTW-FMIS)

Electro-acoustic steel string guitar with a cutaway and Fishman Isys+ preamp

Under 5 px left

New Riento Concierto C + K&K Trinity Pro Microphone System

Spanish Solid Wood Classical Guitar with a professional microphone system

1-5 vrk

Riento Plata S CTW-FM - Electro-acoustic classical guitar (PS-CTW-FMPS)

Electro-acoustic nylon string guitar with cutaway and Fishman Presys

1-5 vrk

Alhambra Iberia Ziricote CTW + Fishman E8 + Gig Bag

Cutaway thinbody nylon string guitar with a microphone and a gig bag


Riento Niños S57-FM-PS - 3/4 size Classical Guitar with pickup and EQ (NS57-FM-PS)

3/4 size Classical Guitar with Solid Spruce Top and Fishman preamp

Under 5 px left

Riento Plata C-FMPS - Classical Guitar with pickup (PC-FMPS)

Quality full size Classical Guitar with Solid Cedar Top with pickup, EQ and tuner

Under 5 px left

Riento Plata S - Spruce Top Guitar with pickup (PS-FM-PS)

Solid Spruce Top Classical Guitar with Fishman preamp

Under 5 px left