Guitars with microphone

Guitars with microphone

Cuenca, Almansa, Vekara

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New Cuenca 5 Nature CW EZ

Solid Cedar, mahogany, cut-away, microphone

525.00 €

Almansa CS CW SR E2

Solid Red Cedar, Solid Indian Rosewood

1,550.00 €

Cuenca 30 CW E1

Solid Cedar, mahongany, cut-away, microphone

715.00 €

Cuenca 30 CW E2

Solid Cedar, Mahongany, Cut-away, mictophone

869.00 €

Cuenca 50 R CW E2

Solid Cedar, Mohongany, cut-away, mikrophone

1,150.00 €
Available only by order. Estimated delevery time 1-12 weeks.