2nd hand guitars

2nd hand Acoustic Guitars

Looking for used 2nd hand guitar? We have a changing of selection of acoustic guitars, mostly classical guitars, but sometimes also flamenco and steel string guitars. 

Want to sell your guitar here? We sell selected guitars of our clients with 15 % commission and minimum fee of 50 €.

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2nd HAND FLAMENCO GUITAR Marcelino Lopez Nieto 1961

Excellent flamenco guitar from year 1961

SALE 5,500.00 €
You save 18 %
1-5 vrk

2nd HAND: Cuenca S-10 OP + SKB case

Good qualkity 2nd hand 7/8 classical guitar with a case

SALE 470.00 €
You save 24 %
1-5 vrk

New 2nd HAND: Quiles & Liikanen classical guitar

2nd hand Double top classical guitar

SALE 3,700.00 €
You save 32 %
0-5 vrk

New 2nd HAND: Contreras 1974 classical guitar

2nd classical guitar classic from Spain

0-5 vrk