Around the World in 30 pit-stops - Etudes for piano in world-music style

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Jump on board for a journey round the world and expand your repertoire with these ethno etudes! 

Around the World in 30 Pit Stops is a collection of practice pieces designed to cast you into a whirlpool of world music. The rhythms, harmonies and melodies of different cultural and geographical regions pose multiple challenges. The pieces are fresh, fun and suitable for both elementary and more advanced pupils. They range from easy to difficult, and therefore also serve professionals wanting to improve their handling of rhythm and comping style. The book supplements those in use at music schools, providing new material for use in piano teaching. 

The pieces are grouped according to geographical region - Asia, Africa, South and Central America, the Nordic Countries, other parts of Europe, and North America - from four to six in each. Among the themes are On The Great Wall of China (Asia), Savannah (Africa), The Road to Havana (South and Central America), Pasta Bolognese (Europe), A View of Swing (North America) and Shoes Made of Birchbark (Nordic Countries). Some are in the older, traditional styles, while others represent trends emerging over the past few decades.

Juntunen, Sami (Composer)
Sinisalo, Susan (Translator)

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