Knobloch Set ACTIVES KINDER 33.5 (3/4 guitar)

1-5 vrk


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Specially designed for KIDS, these strings are easy to play without losing the hallmark sound quality of ACTIVES line

Knobloch´s signature line, ACTIVES, showcase all the hallmarks of their high-quality strings: impeccable intonation, impressive durability, enhanced projection and great playability. Experience the difference these skillfully crafted strings make, feel the vibration through your fingers. Unleash your musical creativity.


  • Lyrical trebles sweeten the bright basses
    Brilliant, Clear and Mellow

Treble Strings

  • QZ Nylon: Mellow - Round

Bass Strings

  • Active Double Silver: Brilliant - Clear

Sound Combination

  • The rounded lyricism of the QZ trebles soften the brightness of the Actives Basses
  • The result is a combination that produces a more mellow sound that is still full, powerful and intense


  • Well-balanced set, easy to play on both the left and right hands

Story of Knobloch

The origins of Knobloch Strings begins with Jiri Knobloch, a guitarist, luthier, artist and creator of the first Knobloch Actives strings in Germany in 1971. His passion for the guitar and desire to find the perfect sound led him to create Knobloch Actives, high quality strings designed for professional guitarists.

In 2009 Gilles Baudu, a guitarist with the same passion as Jiri, decided to restart the business, move it to the province of Girona (Spain) and put into practice the knowledge he gained from the Maestro. From that moment on, the strings have been manufactured in Spain and distributed worldwide.

Thanks to working closely with a large family of artists, luthiers and professionals from the music world, we continue to discover 
new and better ways to make your guitar sing and come to life.

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