Korg TM-50 – viritysmittari/metronomi

1-5 vrk


Korg TM-50 – viritysmittari/metronomi, Chromatic

  • Voice and metronome function can be used simultaneously
  • Fast response LCD needle meter
  • High detection range (C1 ~ C8)
  • Internal speaker for issuing thomann reference notes
  • Sound Back function generates reference tone that's closest to the input sound
  • Calibration supports a range of concert pitches
  • Marks indicate pure major and minor third intervals
  • Pace set in the range 30 ~ 252 beats / minute 15
  • Rhythm variations
  • Tempo settings with two types of tempo step patterns
  • Large backlit LCD brightness adjustable in two steps
  • Memory backup and power saving function
  • Color: White

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