Ultimate Lit'l Ukulele Chords, Plus

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This handy 9 inch. x 6 inch. guide in C tuning provides all the ukulele chords you'll ever need. The diagrams are easy to use and follow, with principal chords in major and minor keys, in all the different chord positions. Also features sections on: How to Begin, Scales on All Strings, Note Studies, and Chord Modulations (great for intros & endings!). Happy strumming.


Instrumentation Ukulele
Product Type Book [Softcover]
Year of Publication 2010
Instrument Group Ukulele
GenreView Description Tuition
Publisher Centerstream Publications
Year of Publication 2010
ISBN 9781574242560
UPC 884088508975
No. Pages 32
Series Fretted
Author Kahuna Uke
No. HL00001351


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