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Luthier Pavel Gavryushovin valmistama huippukitara kuusikannella ja Intian ruusupuisella kopalla

Kommentteja ja huomioita kitarasta testauspäivältä la 4.7.2020:
Kitara on herkästi reagoiva ja kevytsoittoinen, samalla dynaaminen ja kestää myös voimakasta soittoa. Sointi on erittäin tasainen, sävyltään kirkas ja laulava sekä selkeä ja erotteleva.

Valmistusvuosi: 6/2020
Skaala: 650 mm
Kansi: kuusi
Pohja ja sivut: intian ruusupuu
Otelauta: eebenpuu
Talla: intian ruusupuu
Virityskoneisto: Alessi
Pintakäsittely: shellakka
Tämä kitara on myyty. Jos olet kiinnostunut tilaamaan tällaisen kitaran tai version siitä omilla puu- ja rakennetoiveillasi, ota meihin yhteyttä.

My work is based on traditions and experience of classic Spanish school. I rely on construction techniques of a modern classical guitar, established by Antonio Torres Jurado, and supplemented and developed by the leading masters of twentieth century.

A guitar is a complex acoustic construction. It must have a wide dynamic spectrum, a quick attack, a well-balanced sound, a beautiful tone quality. In order to create such an instrument the master needs to possess knowledge that goes beyond woodwork ability. One needs to know the laws of physics, acoustics and the bases of guitar construction. No amount of enthusiasm, obsession, impulse, energy or imagination would allow anyone to make a proper instrument without corresponding knowledge.

All of my guitars are made using manual tools. Mechanical equipment is only used for the initial, raw processing, which does not require as much precision. Wood is a specific and heterogeneous material, and there is no mechanism able to account for every possible problem that might arise in a process of its handling.

I only use the best high-quality material, which undergoes the process of curing for a number of years that guarantees each instrument an excellent sound and service durability. For the top deck I use European Spruce (Picea Abies) or Western redcedar (Thuja Plicata), with the back deck and sides made of Madagascar Rosewood (Dalbergia Baronii) or Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra). For the agglutination I use natural sturgeon glue – the same glue that the greatest luthiers of the past used to make violins. The guitar is then covered with shellack (French polish). Unlike synthetic varnish, it does not distort the acoustic qualities of the instrument.

All of my instruments are made on individual order and therefore are exclusive to each client. I would be happy to help you choose an instrument to suit your needs.

Pavel Gavryushov

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