KÄYTETTY: Juan Hernandez, Concierto

KÄYTETTY: Juan Hernandez, Concierto

Tilaustuote tai tuote on tilapäisesti loppunut. Arvioitu toimitusaika 1-12 viikkoa.

ALE 1 850,00 €
1 290,00
Säästät 30 %

Laadukas käytetty klassinen kitara espanjasta, hyväkuntoinen. Valmistettu syksyllä 2017. Hintaan sisältyy kova laukku.

- Kansi: Kokopuinen kuusi
- Sivut ja pohja: kokopuinen ruusupuu
- Kaula: seetri
- Otelauta: eebenpuu

Juan Hernandez is a well-respected Valencian luthier and this range of guitars made by him and four assistants are really very good; not just at the price. The Concierto model is a concert-worthy instrument with the necessary strength, depth and projection. By comparison with other makes of Spanish instruments these have larger, deeper bodies like some of the Madrid makers and perhaps this is where the power in the sound comes from. They offer warmth in the sound with a good deal of refinement and are well set up in terms of playing action. To arrive at a guitar of higher refinement you would need to spend perhaps twice as much as these therefore they are well recommended.

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