D'Addario XTC45 - klassisen kitaran kielet

1-5 vrk


Käytettävissä olevat toimitustavat: Nouto Tampereen myymälästä, Eurooppa, alue 1 (paketti), Eurooppa, alue 2 (Priority-paketti), Baltia (paketti), Suomi (XXS-paketti tai kirje), Suomi (paketti Postiin tai automaattiin), Suomi (Postin kotipaketti), Suomi (erikseen käsiteltävä paketti Postin noutopisteeseen)

Normal Tension Set

The XT Classical strings combine our renowned Pro-Arte treble strings and silver-plated and wound composite bass strings with a special treatment for longer life, while retaining the natural sound and feel of uncoated strings. Available in normal, heavy and extra heavy tension.

D'Addario XT strings combine long life with the feel and sound of uncoated strings. Featuring proprietary composite bass strings and precision-tuned treble strings from our legendary Pro-Arte series, D'Addario XT strings deliver dynamic response and long-lasting performance. These strings deliver what they promise - and for an exceptionally long time.

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