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Finncorde - klassisen kitaran kielet (HSH)

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Finncorde - Classical guitar strings, High tension, Silver wound, Hard clear nylon

We have made innovations in winding techniques of nylon strings and now we are ready to roll. The most important novelty is controlled pretension of the multifilament core before winding. This makes possible that wound string stretches less on guitar and is playable for a much longer time. We can also adjust the sound of the strings with more or less pretension.In our FINNCORDE CLASSICAL nylon strings the winding materials are either bronze wire or silverplated copper wire wound on nylon multifilament core and the plain nylon strings are clear or black nylon. We have two categories of string sets: "high tension" and "medium tension"and both are available with bronze or silver wound strings. In our package there are more detailed technical data of the strings.

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