Korg AW-1 Tuner

Korg AW-1 Tuner


Korg AW-1 Tuner

Ideal for brass, wind, and stringed instruments.

The AW-1 packs a detection range of A0~C8 and superb functionality into an ultracompact and lightweight unit. 2 included clips (large and small) let you attach it directly to your instrument, for example to the headstock of a guitar or the bridge of a violin. Since the clip contains an internal piezo pickup that detects the vibration of your instrument, you can enjoy stable tuning even if you're in a noisy environment. The clips adapt to a variety of situations and instruments and eliminate the need for a contact mic or other pickup. Alternatively, you can clip the AW-1 to your music stand and tune using the internal mic.

The appropriate location to attach the AW-1 will depend on your instrument. (This unit is not suitable for use with instruments in which the attachment location would be too close [e.g., flute-type instruments] or too far [e.g., tuba] for the meter to be read comfortably.)

Meter Reverse function lets you invert the display

The AW-1 uses a newly designed LCD meter that you can read easily. The Meter Reverse function makes it easy to read the meter in a vertical or horizontal position, regardless of the position in which you attach it to your instrument. Each time you press the display reverse button, the High (+) display will move alternately between the left and right sides, so that you can attach the unit to virtually any instrument in the viewing orientation you find most comfortable.

Pure major third/minor third intervals are indicated by marks, making it easy to play beautiful harmonies

Inaccurately played intervals of a third are particularly noticeable when played in a brass band or orchestra, but will sound just right when major third or minor third pitches are adjusted slightly away from the equal-tempered pitch. The AW-1's meter scale provides marks that indicate a pure major/minor third from the specified note. By tuning your instrument to these marks you can play beautiful harmonies in an ensemble situation. This capability is a great convenience not only for orchestral instruments, but also for vocal or acapella practice.

Adjustable calibration

The tuner can be calibrated to a wide range of pitches (410~480 Hz). Calibration can be adjusted in 1Hz steps, giving you the flexibility for accurate tuning in any situation. The memory backup function remembers the calibration setting even when you turn off the power. (However, this setting will be initialized when you replace the battery.)

Auto Power Off Function

The power will automatically turn off if the unit is left on for approximately 20 minutes without sound being input, preventing the battery from being used unnecessarily.

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