Augustine Augustine Imperial Blue High/High - Classical Guitar Strings

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Augustine Imperial Classical Guitar Strings

Strings in Augustine’s Imperial series provide a modern guitar sound that’s relatively bright yet lyrical.

All sets in the Imperial series have the same trebles, which are the same material as Augustine’s Regal series but with lower tension. They’re also slightly thinner in diameter than the Regal trebles and are high tension, while the Regals are extra high tension. They have a somewhat softer attack than the Regals, but offer a bit more sustain.

The Imperial series is divided into four colors that designate the tension of the bass strings. Blue is high tension, red and gold are medium tension, and black is low tension. The basses are all silver plated except for the gold set, which is gold plated, providing a warmer sound to the entire set.

Augustine Imperial Blue Classical Guitar Strings

Like lots of tension in your life? Even if you don't, you should check out the Imperial Blue classical guitar strings from Augustine, where the whole set is high tension.

These strings produce a louder, brighter, punchier sound than some of Augustine's other Imperial sets, but the set still includes clear, sweet sounding Cristal trebles paired with warm basses that are silverplated copper wound. The sound may be bigger, but the tone remains superior.

Augustine Imperial Blue High/High Tension Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set

Item # Note Gauge (in.) Gauge (mm) Tension (lbs) Tension (kgs) Material
Imperial-01 e .0295 .73 18.52 8.4 Clear Nylon
Imperial-02 b .0327 .83 13.62 6.18 Clear Nylon
Imperial-03 g .0406 1.03 13.59 6.16 Clear Nylon
Blue-04 D .0305 .77 16.41 7.44 Silverplated Copper
Blue-05 A .036 .91 15.75 7.14 Silverplated Copper
Blue-06 E .045 1.14 15.89 7.21 Silverplated Copper


Product Note Status Price
Augustine Classic Blue Medium/High Augustine Classic Blue Medium/High
10.00 €
Augustine Classic Red Medium/Medium Augustine Classic Red Medium/Medium
10.00 €
Augustine Regal Black Extra High/Low Augustine Regal Black Extra High/Low
10.00 €
Augustine Regal Blue Extra High/High Augustine Regal Blue Extra High/High
10.00 €
Augustine Regal Red Extra High/Medium Augustine Regal Red Extra High/Medium
10.00 €
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