Augustine klassisen kitaran kielet - esittely

In the 1940s, Albert Augustine collaborated with Andres Segovia to create the first nylon guitar strings, a huge improvement over the gut strings that guitarists previously used. Today, Augustine manufactures some of the best classical guitar strings in the world, and they're popular with everyone from beginners to professionals.

Augustine offers three series of classical guitar strings: Classic, Imperial, and Regal.

There are two different types of treble strings. The Classic trebles, which are medium tension, are made with a traditional nylon formula improved by use of modern production techniques. They have warm, darker tones and a slight opacity in appearance.

The Imperial and Regal trebles use a more modern nylon formula. It provides a brighter tone with more volume, and is crystal clear. Imperial trebles are high tension, and Regal trebles are extra high tension.

Each series is divided into four colors, which designate the tension and material of the bass strings. Blue is high tension, red and gold are both medium tension, and black light tension. The blue, red, and black sets have silver-plated copper wound basses, while the gold set has gold-plated copper wound basses.

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