Savarez Kynsiliima 3g

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Kitaristin kynsiliima

Jos kynsi murtuu ja kaipaa korjausta, kynsiliima soveltuu erinomaisesti esimerkiksi kiinalaisen silkin liimaamiseen halkeman päälle, tai jopa uuden kynnen rakentamiseen,

Lataa (PDF) Savarezin kynnenkorjausohje



  • It is essential to operate on a finger and a perfectly clean and dry nail.
  • If there are still remnants of a prior false nail or glue , clean with solvent preferably without acetone.
  • In the case of a single building or lengthening of the nail, it requires no further preparation.
  • In the case of a broken nail , cut and equalize the nail at the lower limit of the fracture.


  • Depending on the hardness of the desired nail,cut 1, 2 or 3 pieces of the same size silk.

  • In most cases, we recommend using 2 pieces; the use of a single nail provides a very flexible and the use of 3 gives a very hard fingernail (some guitarists use 3, 4 even pieces thumb and 2 for the other fingers ) .

  • The choice of the dimension of the silk must be determined based on the width of the initial nail and of the desired final length . For width, the cut piece of tissue so that it completely covers the width of the initial nail. Define the length of the nail of 3 to 4 mm greater than the desired final length.


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Kiinalainen silkki tarrapinnalla Kiinalainen silkki tarrapinnalla
Kynsien korjaamiseen
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